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Auto Body Insurance PennsylvaniaAuto Body Insurance Pennsylvania-The Best Program Now Available! 

When you’re looking for auto body insurance in Pennsylvania you have found the right place!

Humphries Insurance specializes in insuring garages and body shops in Pennsylvania.

Call us today at 215-646-5633 if you have started a new auto body shop or you’re dissatisfied with your current insurer or agent and need to find a different company offering Pennsylvania auto body insurance.

We can help you find the best quotes on auto body insurance in Pennsylvania.

Insuring Your Business Is More Complicated Than You Might Think!

As a business owner you are likely very busy running your day-to-day operations. One step you should not neglect is taking time to review your coverage needs.

Why is that important?

If you have purchased a basic commercial insurance policy you should be aware that some companies offering auto body insurance in Pennsylvania may have provided you only à la carte insurance coverage options.

So in other words important coverage may be missing from your current auto body insurance policy leaving you exposed to substantial losses that would need to be covered out of pocket!

For instance there is a certain endorsement that may not be included under a basic commercial policy that would leave you 100% responsible for losses to customer vehicles left in your care custody and control.

Do you know what specific endorsement this is?Pennsylvania Auto Body Insurance

Even more importantly, do you have it on your current policy?

If not you’ll be paying all claims completely out-of-pocket for damage or losses to customer vehicles in your care. 

Don’t assume you have this coverage in your existing policy!

You should take time to review your coverage to make sure that you do not have gaps in your coverage that could cost you substantially down the road.

As a leading independent agency in Pennsylvania we offer a free coverage review for your business.

The Pennsylvania Auto Body Insurance Review!

Our chief objective as an agency is to pay claims for our clients and that is why we offer a free Pennsylvania auto body insurance coverage review.

Why not give us a call to take advantage of this free service?  If it’s been sometime since your agent has reviewed your coverage with you, take time to do so now.

We can help you determine whether you have significant gaps in coverage that could harm you financially.

Call us today at 215-646-5633 and speak with the commercial lines experts at Humphries Insurance.