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  • Business Insurance Is Very Complicated

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Business Insurance

Business Insurance King of Prussia.

Business Insurance King of PrussiaAre you looking for business insurance in King of Prussia or the surrounding areas? If so you have found the right place!

Call the business insurance experts at 215-646-5633 if you are a brand new company needing business insurance for the first time, or a well-established company wanting to find the best options for your company.

Our agency can help you find the most competitive business insurance coverage for any type of business, no matter if it is Pennsylvania contractors insurance, Pennsylvania Restaurant insurance, or Landlord Insurance Philadelphia.

We can provide insurance for any type of business.

Business Insurance in Pennsylvania, its More Complicated than you Think.

There are three potential mistakes business owners make on their business insurance that could be devastating. 

1-It will never happen to my business, will it? 

2-Why do I need that Coverage?

3-I don’t need that much coverage, do I?


It will never happen to my Business, Will it?

This is probably the biggest mistake an owner makes on their insurance plan. It will never happen to me so why spend money on business insurance in King of Prussia?

Note the true story of one roofing contractor that failed to purchase a contractors insurance policy because he didn’t think a claim would ever happen.

Case example: A windstorm caused several pallets of shingles to fly loose damaging over a dozen vehicles in the parking lot. The contractor was replacing the roof on the apartment building where the vehicles were located and the pallets were not properly secured.

Cost to the roofer: $17,827 Court Judgment. The very next day after the judgment order was issued; $17,827 was taken from the roofing contractors business and personal checking accounts to cover the cost of the claim!

This roofing contractor learned a very important lesson as he had every single penny from his checking accounts drained to cover what he owed for the damaged vehicles!

Are you a contractor? If so you need contractors insurance in King of Prussia. For an immediate quote call the experts on contractors insurance King of Prussia at 215-646-5633.

Call 215-646-5633 for Business Insurance King of Prussia, We Are Here to Help!

Let’s now discuss the next mistake made on business insurance in King of Prussia: Why do I need that Coverage?