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In our previous article we discussed a common mistake made on King of Prussia business insurance: It will never happen to my business, will it?

It’s certainly true that most want to avoid claims, and no matter if you’re a contractor, manufacturer, own a restaurant, or rental property you likely take steps to minimize the likelihood that a claim would ever occur.

Some business owners mistakenly believe that exercising extreme caution will help them to avoid insurance claims.

However unexpected claims do happen no matter how cautious or careful we believe that we are. Based on this fact, it’s important to make sure that you purchase the appropriate King of Prussia business insurance to protect your financial interests in your business.

What Is the Second Mistake Business Owners Make on Pennsylvania Business Insurance?

Why do I need that Coverage?

Claim Example: The owner of a retail store purchases general liability insurance because his landlord required him to purchase the insurance, but he fails to purchase coverage for his business personal property and inventory to save money. A fire completely destroys the retail store and the owner loses $34,000 of inventory plus an additional $18,000 of business contents. Regrettably the owner is unable to recover from such a loss and permanently closes his retail store he worked so hard to build.

Mistake the Business Owner Made?

For less than $200 per year the business owner could have completely covered all of his inventory and business contents allowing him to continue operations.

Don’t Make the Same Mistake on Your King of Prussia Business Insurance!

There are so many different types of commercial lines insurance coverage options that can protect their business, we might mistakenly conclude that we do not need a particular type of coverage only to later regret that decision after a claim occurs.

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Our next article will discuss the third mistake made on business insurance in Pennsylvania: I don’t need that much coverage!