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The Three Mistakes Made on Pennsylvania Commercial Insurance.

In our two previous articles we discussed two specific mistakes made on Pennsylvania commercial insurance that could cost your business a significant amount of money or lead to the closure of that business:

1- It will never happen to my business, will it?

2- Why do I need that Coverage?

The next mistake that we will discuss focuses on the amount of coverage that you purchase.

I don’t need that much coverage on my Business Insurance, do I?

Failing to purchasing a sufficient amount of coverage can leave the business owner in such a large financial predicament that they may have no choice but to liquidate their business.

Claims Example: A company specializing in heating and air is found responsible for the incorrect installation of a furnace that led to a natural gas explosion leveling three homes in one neighborhood and causing severe injury to four people. 

A $10 million jury judgment is assessed against the business.  Insurable coverage was only $1 million forcing the company to go out of business.

Mistake the Business Owner Made?

The business owner simply did not purchase enough coverage.  

While it’s true that there isn’t a person that can predict with any accuracy future claims we may be held liable for, certain types of businesses have a hazard level significantly higher than others necessitating the need for umbrella insurance coverage. 

The cost to purchase a $10 million umbrella would have been around $2,000 allowing the business owner to potentially remain in business and at the same time providing the funds necessary to cover both property damage and injuries caused by a faulty installation of one of his employees. 

Because of the complexities of insurance the very first step you may want to consider working with a professional agency knowledgeable and experienced in insuring businesses.

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