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Coverage Often Overlooked on Contractors Insurance in Pennsylvania.

Typically contractors that comply with The Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (“HICPA”) required by Pennsylvania state law, will only purchase the basic general liability insurance policy because that is the least expensive contractor’s insurance option.

If you need to register with the state of Pennsylvania as a contractor, you may click here.

What’s Included in General Liability Insurance?

A basic general Pennsylvania liability insurance policy only provides coverage for injury or damage that you may become legally responsible for.

Pennsylvania general liability insurance does not provide coverage for your tools, equipment, and business property which may include materials that are left on the job site. (There are other limitations of coverage as well contact us for more details.)

Claim Example:

You are a roofing contractor and you are hired for a job in Pittsburgh.  As you arrive at the location you park your Ford F150 pickup truck in the front and go to the rear of the property to make sure that the roofing supply company has delivered your shingles for this particular job. Since you will only be gone for a few minutes to check on the delivery you leave your truck keys in the ignition.

As you are hastily counting the pallets of shingles, a car thief by name of fast fingers Tony casually walks by your truck and notices that you left your car keys in the ignition of your pickup truck.

He also notices your nicely equipped truck with tools and other pricey equipment and decides to steal your truck and in just a few moments Tony is gone along with around $7000 worth of your contractor’s equipment.

You discover the theft about 4 min. later, call the police and file a claim with your contractor’s insurance policy, only to discover that you did not have coverage for tools or equipment.  You turn a claim into your homeowner’s insurance policy and they likewise deny the claim and you are forced to replace your equipment out of pocket. 

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