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We insure Apartment Buildings and Single Family Units. 

We specialize in helping real estate investors secure the appropriate coverage for your needs no matter if you are own single family rental units or apartment buildings.

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If you own multiple units or apartment buildings click on Apartment Building Insurance Philadelphia.

What you need to know about Landlord Insurance in Philadelphia.

A landlord insurance policy comes in three different versions for the real estate investor.

• Basic

• Broad

• Special

The basic and the broad policy form provide insurance coverage only for claim events that are named in the policy. So it’s commonly referred to as a named perils policy.

Additionally the basic policy form settles losses on an actual cash value basis.

The basic policy form provides coverage for only six or eight named perils. The broad Philadelphia landlord insurance policy forms may cover up to 15 named perils.

The special policy form offers the real estate investor the best coverage options on landlord insurance in Philadelphia as it does not restrict coverage based on named perils coverage.

Which Philadelphia Landlord Insurance Policy is Best?

It depends on your personal preferences. Some choose the special policy form because it provides investors the best coverage for landlord insurance in Philadelphia.

Others choose the broad or basic coverage. While it is true that the basic and broad policy form available for landlord insurance is less expensive compared to the special policy form, the coverage is also more limited.

In our next article will discuss some of those limitations to help you choose coverage wisely when looking for the best coverage options on landlord insurance.

Humphries Insurance Offers the Best Coverage Options on Landlord Insurance in Philadelphia!

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If you own multiple units or apartment buildings click on Philadelphia Apartment Building Insurance.