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Don’t Make This Mistake When Shopping for Norristown Car Insurance!

It’s true that most of us do not want to intentionally pay more for something than what is absolutely necessary. However we need to exercise caution when shopping for car insurance in Norristown Pennsylvania.

What mistake can be made when you’re shopping for Norristown Car Insurance?

Choosing the Wrong Agency, or Company!

We might assume there isn’t much of a difference between companies or insurance agents in Norristown, other than the price we pay for our insurance.

However there is a difference. Insurance is a lot more complicated than the price we pay for it because there are terms and conditions and exclusions that can vary from company to company.

For example a policyholder called to ask the following question:

“If I rent a vehicle on vacation, will my car insurance extend to my rental vehicle?”

Most companies selling car insurance in Norristown would extend coverage for a rental vehicle as long as full coverage is maintained on one of the insured vehicles and it met certain conditions for coverage to extend.

An amateur agent would answer the question “yes rental car coverage extends.”

A professional insurance agent would ask a follow-up question:

“What type of vehicle are you renting?”

The reason why that question is important is because there are limitations on extending liability to rental vehicles and sometimes the rental companies do not know what those limitations are themselves!

What Is One Limitation of Coverage When We Rent a Vehicle?

If a rental vehicle exceeds a certain gross weight limit, liability coverage would not extend.

So if you rent a vehicle that weighs more than a certain amount and you cause an accident, you’re going to be paying that claim completely out-of-pocket!

Do you see how confusing insurance can be?

This is just one example of a limitation of coverage when we rent a vehicle. There are other limitations when we rent vehicles that might cost you a significant amount of money out of pocket!

That’s why you need professional advice from an agency like Humphries Insurance.

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