Feel The Need For Speed?

Auto insurance Norristown PennsylvaniaSpeeding Tickets and Accidents Will Make Your Premiums Skyrocket!

If you feel the need for speed and you acquire multiple tickets and accidents prepare for massive price increases on auto insurance in Norristown Pennsylvania!

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Why Insurance Companies Charge More for Tickets and Accidents?

Insurance companies rely upon statistical analysis to price insurance and one predominant factor that they use are the number of tickets and accidents on your driving record.

Drivers that tend to accumulate tickets and accidents are significantly more likely to cause a serious accident that would cause the insurance company to pay out a large claim.

I’m sure that you agree that it would not be inherently fair for person that has never had a ticket or accident to pay the same rate as a driver that piles on the tickets and accidents? Insurance companies also agree with that assessment and will play surcharges on auto policies for policyholders that pile on the tickets and accidents.

How much more would you pay on auto insurance in Norristown Pennsylvania?

Your auto insurance premiums could be increased as much as three hundred percent or more when the tickets and accidents accumulate, or your insurance company will simply drop you and you may be labeled as a high risk driver.

Especially is that the case if a driver is under the age of twenty one.

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