Reasons Why We Overpay on Norristown Insurance?

Norristown InsuranceLow Deductibles Will Cost You Money on Your Insurance!

Did you realize that your insurance company will charge you a bigger premium when you carry a small deductible on your Norristown Insurance policy?

You may be paying twenty-four percent more each year by having a $500 deductible and you may be paying as much as forty-seven percent more if you have a $250 deductible.

If you call our office at 215-646-5633 and speak with one of our professional agents we can show you exactly how much you will save by switching to a larger deductible.

Small Deductibles Only Encourage Us to Turn in Claims.

Do you know what happens when you turn in too many claims?

Say goodbye to Cheap Pennsylvania Insurance rates for up to five years.

If you use your car, home, or business insurance policy like an HMO, very soon you’ll be paying sky-high insurance premiums!

How to Save 20% Instantly on Your Norristown Insurance?

There are two specific steps.

Step One– Raise your deductibles to at least $500 on your car insurance policy and a minimum of thousand dollars or higher on your Norristown homeowners insurance policy.

Step TwoContact Humphries Insurance at 215-646-5633. We can help you find the best insurance rates in Norristown Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. For your convenience you can also use our convenient online quote system.  

We may be in a position to save you hundreds, and possibly thousands of dollars from insurance companies who are willing to give you the lowest insurance prices when you choose a deductible higher than $250!