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Contractors Insurance Philadelphia Pennsylvania Are you looking for contractors insurance in Philadelphia Pennsylvania or the surrounding areas?

Call us today at 215-646-5633. We can obtain any type of Philadelphia contractors insurance that your business requires including general liability, Philadelphia Workmen’s Compensation insurance, inland marine coverage to protect mobile equipment, commercial auto, employment practice liability insurance, contractor’s bonds, and even Philadelphia professional liability insurance.

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Common Mistakes Made on Philadelphia Contractors Insurance?

The biggest mistake contractors make is that they do not purchase contractors insurance until they are required to do so, or until it’s too late!

Why is that a mistake?

First insurance companies will not backdate policies to cover claims that have already occurred.

Secondly Philadelphia contractors insurance is designed to protect your personal financial assets in the event you were held liable for a claim due to injury or property damage.

Failing to purchase the appropriate contractors insurance can place all of your financial assets including future financial assets in jeopardy!

One roofing contractor that failed to purchase contractors insurance learned that lesson the hard way when a court ordered them to pay $17,827 out of pocket because they did not believe that they needed contractors insurance!

A windstorm caused several pallets of shingles to break loose damaging property at one apartment building complex and the roofing contractor was held legally liable for said damage.

Don’t make the same mistake of failing to purchase contractors insurance!

There is one other step that you need to take to find the best options for Philadelphia contractors insurance.

It’s Important to Speak with a Professional When Seeking Philadelphia Contractors Insurance.

Contractors insurance is complicated! For instance a standard general liability insurance policy will not provide you the necessary coverage to protect vehicles that you personally own and use in your contracting business.

You would need commercial auto insurance to protect that exposure in most instances. If you are using your personal automobile in your contracting business and it’s listed on your personal auto policy you may have large gaps in your coverage!

There are literally dozens of different scenarios that could occur that would not be covered by a standard general liability policy so purchasing only a simple general liability policy will not fully protect you from all types of claim events that could occur and that is why you need to speak with the experts on contractors insurance.

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