Vacant Home Insurance Philadelphia

vacant home insurance in PhiladelphiaHow to Find Vacant Home Insurance in Philadelphia?

If you own a home, rental home, or a commercial building and your property becomes vacant for 30 days or more, insurance companies will issue a cancellation as soon as they become aware that your property is vacant!

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Why Most Companies Will Not Insure a Vacant Home in Philadelphia?

A vacant home represents a significantly greater chance of claims due to vandalism and broken water pipes. Because of this increased exposure for claims, insurance companies place restrictive policy language that excludes coverage for certain types of claims when a property that you own becomes vacant for 30 days or longer.

Naturally you will want to check your individual policy because some companies consider a property vacant after 60 days.

What Are the Types of Claims That Are Excluded for Vacant Homes?

One of the most common claims on a vacant property is vandalism. A second type of common claim is a burst water pipe due to a lack of heating in the home or building.

Note an exclusion of coverage with one particular insurance company:

Vandalism or malicious mischief, including intentionally set fires, if the dwelling has been vacant for more than 30 consecutive days immediately preceding the loss. A building under construction is not considered vacant.

So if your home or rental property is vacant more than 30 days and vandals cause damage including starting a fire, which normally would be a covered peril, your insurance company will likely not provide coverage for this claim!

Philadelphia Vacant Home Insurance – It’s Expensive but Necessary!

If you own a property and it becomes vacant you should immediately take steps to purchase a policy specifically designed to insure vacant homes, or buildings because of the built-in exclusions insurance companies place into their policies.

Humphries Insurance offers specialized coverage options for Vacant home insurance in Philadelphia.

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