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As you’re likely aware workers compensation coverage is not optional if you own a business and employee workers.

Additionally you should be aware that the price that you pay for workers compensation insurance in Philadelphia can vary from company to company by a significant amount!

Why Prices Are Different between Companies for Worker’s Compensation Insurance in Philadelphia?

Pennsylvania workers compensation insurance is not unlike any other types of insurance that you purchase for your business. Rates on workers compensation coverage can differ significantly between companies.

Insurance companies use actuary tables based on prior claims paid for workers compensation and the real truth is that some companies are simply better at determining potential losses on workers compensation coverage, and therefore can offer better pricing to certain occupations.

Do all insurance companies offer Worker’s Compensation insurance coverage in Pennsylvania?

Workers Compensation Insurance Companies Philadelphia.

You want to keep in mind that not all insurance companies offer Worker’s Compensation and that’s why it’s important to work with an independent insurance agency that represents many top companies providing workers compensation insurance in Philadelphia.

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Don’t Neglect Purchasing Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Insurance!

Workers compensation insurance in Pennsylvania is mandatory if you own or run a business including nonprofit organizations. Failure to purchase the appropriate Pennsylvania workers compensation insurance can lead to civil lawsuits and criminal charges!

For instance if an employer is uninsured at the time that employee suffers a workers compensation related injury, the Uninsured Employers Guarantee Fund will pursue reimbursement from the employer for all costs and expenses including interest and penalties under section 440 of the Worker’s Compensation act plus attorney’s fees!

Additionally a fine of $2,500 for each day and misdemeanor criminal charges may be enforced with a one year imprisonment (for each day) that the employer is in violation of the requirement to maintain workers compensation coverage.

Felony convictions for failure to maintain Pennsylvania workers compensation insurance to include a $15,000 fine and up to seven years imprisonment for each day that the employer intentionally violated this requirement!

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